Soluzioni innovative per il monitoraggio strutturale e ambientale e per l'automazione industriale, basate sul paradigma IoT (Internet of Things)



We offer innovative solutions for structural and environmental monitoring of buildings and infrastructures such as bridges and galleries/tunnels, for the management of large buildings and smart cities, with the aim of improving the control of the territory and of its resilience/impact against catastrophic events. The proposed solutions allow you to increase the intelligence of monitoring and management systems, exponentially increasing the number of deployed sensors by virtualizing hardware on cloud.

We develop IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for specific customer needs (from sensors, installed units up to collection, display and analysis of data).

Structural IoT Solutions

Environmental IoT Solutions

Custom IoT Solutions

Sysdev is able to offer solutions and custom systems for the customer's specific needs, using the range of solutions developed for IoT applications.
With the know-how acquired leads R&D original for the development of optimal solutions, offering complete and vertical solutions, from sensors and field units up to the collection, visualization and analysis of data on the Cloud.

The Structural and Environmental Monitoring Service is provided for the payment of a periodic fee, and allows...


The critical issues related to the safety and integrated management of the structures.


The resilience of an area (i.e. its ability to return to operational) after a catastrophic event or natural disaster (earthquake, landslide, structural failure, fire).


The integrity of a remote structure, in real time and with great resolution, thanks to the number of sensors deployable. Assess the environmental parameters of the premises for effective integrated management of the structures.


Monitoring also to the less important structures, now abandoned because of the complexity and cost of installation of monitoring systems.

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