The Black Box of Infrastructures

The innovative proprietary solution for structural monitoring of buildings and infrastructures (bridges, viaducts, galleries/tunnels, ...). Equipped with wireless sensors, it monitors the maximum number of physical parameters (deformation, temperature, inclination, seismic event) of every single structural element at the same time and at the same point.

Structural sensors represent the "atomic" elements of the system, whose information value is connected (such as pixels in an image). The sensors are aggregated and processed directly via a cloud platform in order to rebuild the digital twin of the monitored real environment. The overall resolution of the system is the function of the number of sensors deployed, and the loss of individual sensors does not affect the validity of the digital twin but only decreases the resolution. The solution allows to create multiple virtual monitoring systems with different purposes and algorithms from the same base of deployed sensors.

The communication channel between the sensors and the cloud platform is based on a standard LoRa network infrastructure. Thanks to new generation gateways, you can get a max. coverage of 2,000 meters in urban environment and max. 15,000 meters in open area.